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Shap CE Primary SchoolA Safe Branch from which to Soar

Welcome toShap CE Primary SchoolA Safe Branch from which to Soar


We made rainbows using items from the environment. Can you guess which bible story we were learning about? It is one of our favourites!

June 2020: We made it into Carlisle Diocese' June Photo Album! See if you can see prayers by Billy and Cavan, work from Sonny and Harrison and photos of Bea and Ava!

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt - We collected items that we were grateful for on a Scavenger Hunt. We created prayers of thanks to accompany our treasures!

Catbells children and their buddies seemed with their ‘sticky sticks’ went on a ‘journey’ around the school environment, collecting materials on their sticky stick to allow them to recount their journeys when they returned to school.

The children have been learning about religious and Christian journeys such as the journey Jesus took to the temple with his parents, and the story of the Good Samaritan!

Our Governors Stacy and Pauline made Christingles with our children.  Reverend Dave led our Christingle Worship; he focused on valuing earth’s resources and minimising destruction!  He assured us that  Jesus’ love would last an eternity.

Ruth Evans (NISCU) and a team of ‘Open the Book’ members provided an amazing RE experience for our children from Nursery to Year 6 today!  Our children went on a journey at St Michael’s, The Christmas Journey! Ruth started with the creation story, and led us through the first Christmas and concluded with the ‘second beginning’. The children had the opportunity to meet Mary, baking bread, when an angel appeared! They visited a dark hillside where shepherds were tending their sheep! They listened to cows talking in the stable where Jesus lay in the manger. Finally they met a Wise Man, who shared his knowledge and gifts, allowing us to smell his frankincense and myrrh!

A wonderful experience, huge thanks to Ruth and team for making the bible come alive!

Diwali Celebrations: in family groups, the children made Diva Lamps and Rangoli Patterns; they learned the story of Rama and Sita, and took part in Diwali dance and drama

Joy, Sylvia and Deborah 'walked through the bible' with Helvellyn children.

Catbells explored bibles - big, small, old and new!

Catbells' children brought in their bibles from home.  Pauline (PCC Governor) brought in her bible from home and taught our children about the layout!  Suzanne brought in her very old family bible, which had lots of written additions within!  The children tended to prefer the picture bibles, and their favourite 'bible story' was Noah's ark!

An Easter treat from the Mothers' Union!

The Mothers' Union prepared a treat for our EYFS children!  The children were able to explain the significance of the cross on the hot-cross buns, and the chocolate eggs on the crispy cake!

New Life

In Early Years, we have been learning about 'New Life' within spring time!  We searched for plants, birds and nests, had a visit from Mrs Bindloss with her lamb, and also Bryony with her newborn baby.  We explored 'new beginnings' within the 'Easter story'.

How does Rev Alun help us?

Revered Alun taught us how 'he helps' us in the community including his roles linked to 'births, marriages and deaths'.  He taught us how he conducts his 'Worship Times' at church, and we explored how music is used in church services too!