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Information for parents on supporting children during home-schooling and preparing them for the return to school:

The Local Authority have developed some short videos for families with tips and information on routines, sleep, managing home-schooling and help get ready for the return to school in a positive way.

There is information from a headteacher, 5-19 Public Health Nurses and the best of all children – who, of course, say it as it is!

• Coping with Covid - Children saying it as it is...Home-schooling and return to school-

• Coping with Covid – Headteacher Tips -

• Coping with Covid - Family Routine! Tips from the 5 - 19 Public Health Nurses -

• Coping with Covid - Sleep! Tips from the 5-19 Public Health Nurses -

They have also put together guidance to help support families to manage behaviour and give some positive tips on this. You can also find all of these and more at

Awareness campaign launched to support people struggling to cope during the pandemic

A series of animations have been released encouraging people to look after themselves, others and to get help early if they are struggling during the pandemic.


During these difficult and stressful times, it is crucial that people look after their mental health and wellbeing.

The North East and North Cumbria Suicide Prevention Network, in collaboration with suicide prevention charity Every Life Matters Cumbria, have launched its “look after yourself, look out for others, and get help early” awareness campaign with the release of three short animations.