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Sing and Sign - Katie Perry 'Roar'

Sarah Kellett from Sandgate School came in to teach us some sign language. To do this, she taught us how to sign the Katie Perry song 'Roar'. We are hoping this is only the start of our signing journey, and we can now build on and develop our knowledge. We were really proud of our achievements and progress in the hour Sarah joined us. 

Volcano Performance Poetry

We have been looking at a range of volcano poems, before focusing on Volcano by John Foster. We looked at the Kenning poetry style and the vocabulary the poet used. We then worked in small groups to practise performing a verse from the poem. We had to think about how we could use our voices, body parts for sounds and movements and some of us used instruments to enhance our performances. We were really pleased with our finished pieces.

UDance Performance

Since Christmas in our PE lessons, we have been creating a dance that we could perform on the large stage at the Sands Centre in Carlisle. Our dance was based upon our school vision 'With children and the church at the heart of our school, we are living in harmony within our community, nurturing one and other to create an environment from which all can soar! We wanted our dance to show others how the children in Shap school all work together and have lots of fun. We were all involved in the choreographing of the dance, alongside our dance worker Miss Kelly. Each and every child on stage 'soared' during the performance, and we certainly got our message across to the audience. Please use the link to watch our dancers during their technical rehearsal.