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Design and Technology

Nov 23 - Blencathra Class worked with Jamie from Cumbria Wildlife trust to make wooden bird boxes.

The Woodland Trust – Cumbria In Bloom (



Oct 23 - The children enjoyed observing the power tool 'jigsaw' cut through the wooden reels to make the holes bigger. It was fascinating discovering what had been posted inside. They were inspired to use their own play tools and thought about what they could make and what jobs they might be able to do when they are older:

 "I want to make a chair and a table"

"My daddy is a joiner, he uses lots of tools. I want to be like him!"

"You need a saw and a spanner and sometimes a screw driver!"


Oct'23 - Catbells Children enjoyed making and eating apple pie as part of their harvest celebrations. 


The long terrm plan covers KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum and shows coverage of the EYFS activities. At Shap we have adopted the Kapow Design and Technology scheme to help inspire lessons and know that they are planned and sequenced to enable the aims of the National Curriculum to be covered. Lessons are planned to promote clear progression of learning. Design Technology is alternated with Art and Design teaching, each half term.

How the scheme helps meet the statutory guidance for DT