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Computing and Online Safety

Helvellyn Class - 3D Printer Visitor

Written by Damon and Oktavian

On Thursday 9th of May, Erin’s dad, Adam, came in to show his 3D printer and prints! A 3D printer is a machine that can print 3D items. The reason we had him in was because we were doing 3D printing in computing and of course we needed a 3D printer to create our designs from Tinkercad! We watched a 3D model get printed and it took 3 hours! He also showed his 3D prints he had made at home. He had made a crow, two little crocodile models, a batarang (a weapon Batman uses) and the wheel of the bat-mobile, a Lego piece plus many more! He hadn't just made models, he had fixed two items by creating objects through 3D-printing, they were a wheelbarrow and toilet roll holder! He printed Leah’s design which was a small pencil pot holder. Thank you Adam for helping us with our computing, we now all want a 3D printer!


Blencathra Class - Repetition in Shape using Microsoft Windows Logo

Blencathra Class have been coding using Microsoft Windows Logo. They wrote their initials on a whiteboard and then recorded their algorithms, thinking about each step that was needed. Once they had recorded their algorithms, they used these on the Logo software to see if they worked correctly. If they hadn’t, they then amended and corrected their algorithms.


All of Key Stage 2 took part in a STEM day at Lowther Endowed School. The activities were delivered by Hyett Education. The intention of the day was to provide students with a fun, educational experience with the aim of encouraging wider participation in STEM subjects. The children built and coded robots to complete a range of missions linked to various STEM themes. The challenges encouraged teamwork, problem-solving, creative thinking and coding/cyber skills.