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Welcome to Catbells!

Click on the different 'Areas of Learning' and enrichment days to see pictures of things we've done and more.

My Wonderful World - Parents Booklet (second half of Summer Term 2024) - see below for PDF


June 2024 - The children had fun in the role play area. They travelled to Paris for the Olympics. After packing a suitcase with appropriate things for a Summer holiday the children went to the airport. They had their passports stamped before boarding the plane to Paris. They explored the city and saw The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the river Seine. They then went to a Parisian café and ate a variety of French foods, including brie, croissants, pan au chocolate and grapes.


June 2024 - What an amazing 'Journey of Adventure' Reception had. The adventure started at school, taking a coach to 'Haverthwaite Railway Station' where the children caught the steam train to 'Lakeside'. At 'Lakeside' they sailed across Lake Windermere on a steamer called 'Teal'. In the afternoon they all had a great time in the play area at Brockhole. A great way to travel around our local environment and appreciate our 'Wonderful World!'

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Pirate Adventure - Parents Booklet (first half of Summer Term 2024) - see below for PDF


May 2024 - "Arrrr! Me hearties!" Catbells had a busy time on their 'Pirate Day'. They climbed the rigging, crawled down to the hold, walked with peg legs, shot cannon balls, walked the plank and jumped into the sea! At the end of their hard-working day, the Catbells pirates danced to a sea shanty! 

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May 2024 - What a great time we had at the stream at Brackenborough! The Reception children were accompanied by their Helvellyn buddies on the walk to the stream. After researching materials and their properties before designing and making their boats the children were excited to see how well the boats floated and travelled down the stream!

"My car ferry even carried the boats, a little way before one came out. I need to fix the doors better!"       "My canal boat went so fast!"     "My speed boat went superfast, the propeller helped!" "My sticks were making the boat float, wood floats!"

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Sara, a local artist, has helped to make the most amazing 'Pirate Ship' role play in the classroom. The children have helped her come up with ideas to enhance their provision.


The Adventures of Tractor Tom / Farming - Parents Booklet (second half of Spring Term 2024) - se below for PDF


May 24 - The children loved meeting Liam’s ducklings. The class thought about the differences between people and ducklings and the changes they still need to go through before they are adult ducks. We think they enjoyed the class singing  ‘7 Little Ducks went Swimming one day’!


April 24 - Thank you Mike and Sue for bringing in two friendly pet lambs for Catbells. Their visit inspired lots of talking and questions from the children. Amongst other facts we learnt that sheep only have teeth on the bottom of their mouth.

March 24 - What an amazing afternoon we had at 'Waters Farm'. The children collected eggs, saw cows and calves, sheep and lambs, stroked 'Boris' the pony and pretended to drive tractors. Thank you ever so much to 'The Wood Family' for having us, especially Ernie, who was extremely proud to show us round his family farm.


March 24 - The children were excited to meet the chicks that Kidsty PIke had watched hatch from their shells. The Reception children are looking forward to being in Year 1, so they can see chicks hatch next year.



Feb 24 - The children absolutely loved having Lucas's grandad's old tractor parked in the playground for a few days. We talked about the different sized wheels. The back wheels were taller than the children. it was fascinating to discover all the different parts including the front and rear axles, the exhaust and the gear stick. The tractor inspired some detailed drawings and fantastic models.


Superheroes - Parents Booklet (First Half of Spring Term 2024) - see below for PDF


Jan 24 - Kerry the health visitor came in to talk to the children about ways to keep fit and healthy. It was fun to be measured and who was taller and who was shorter.


Jan'24 - Kay the dental nurse came in to talk to the children about the importance of keeping teeth healthy.


Jan 24 - It was amazing to have the 'Shap Fire Crew' come to visit. Rob, Kurt, Ava and Luke showed us around the engine. They answered lots of questions about their job as a firefighter.

The class kick started the 'Superhero' topic with a visit from Police Offiicer, John. The children learned all about how John helps to keep us safe in the community. The experience also helped them understand the importance of following rules to keep us safe and happy.

The Gruffalo's Friends - Parents Booklet (Second Half of Autumn Term 2023) - see below for PDF


Dec'24 - The Class performed 'The Sleepy Shepherds Nativity' brilliantly.


Nov'23 - Reception had a fabulous time with Mrs Daley, in the woods carrying out tasks set by the animals from 'The Gruffalo' story. They even found a Gruffalo hiding in the woods!


Magical Me and My Fantastic Family - Parents Booklet (First Half of Autumn Term 2023) - see below for PDF


Oct' 23- Catbells had an absolutely delightful afternoon with grandparents, They thoroughly enjoyed showing them around the classroom, playing games, making crafts and completing jigsaws. They also performed a special grandparents song before saying goodbye.


Oct 23 - The class performed the 'Pumpkin Song' brilliantly for parents at St.Michael's Church for the Harvest Festival performance.

Oct 23 - It was great to meet some of the children's pets.



Oct 23 - We loved having Noah's baby brother Nate into the class. The children thought about what they can do now, that they couldn't do when they were a baby.


Sept 23 - The children were very excited to welcome Laura from Napa racing cars into the school playground. Jacob told his classmates all about the racing mini.

Catbells Class Flag- representing 'PLAYING'

Catbell's Nursery Rhyme Nativity Performance 2020

The children in Catbells class were learning about the Easter story.  They discovered that the shape of a hot cross bun is similar to the rock that was in front of the tomb!  They knew that the cross on top of the buns symbolised Jesus' crucifixion.  The children prepared hot cross buns to eat whilst watching the visual bible story!