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Nativity Performance - Whoops-a-Daisy Angel

Our Catbells and Kidsty Pike children wowed their audience this week with their performance of Whoop-a-Daisy Angels!


There was a star studded cast:


Whoops-a-Daisy Angels: Thomasina, Orlagh, Lucy and Molly

Narrators: Bea, Bella, Riley and Matthew

Smart Angels: Sophie, Ava, Penny G, Harper-Rose, Daisy and Harper

Star of Bethlehem: Erin

Stars: Jessica, Gisella, Olivia and Aster

Mary: Arianna

Joseph: Christopher

Donkeys: Bethany V and Isabella

Cows: Albie and Tommy

Shepherds: Logan, Tristan, Jayden and Oliver

Sheep: Bethany B, Alice, Penny H and Charlotte

Wise Men: Casey, Logie and Sonny

Camels: Hadley, Harry J and Harry H

Snowflakes: Brooke, Jessie, Alicia, Aleah-Rae, Jasmine and Grace


The film can be viewed here!