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Vision and Values Week

To start our 2021-22 academic year, with a return to 'near normal', we had a 'Vision and Values' week where we have focused on establishing our class contracts, preparing our Home School Agreements, and reaffirming our Christian Vision and Values.

To help with this, we employed Mr O'Connor, a music teacher to help us to create a school anthem that reflects our Christian vision and values!   Frank worked across the school gaining our ideas for our composition,  Frank then worked with a selection of children who showed enthusiasm and expertise in all things musical to bring together the ideas generated from all the classes in the structure of a school anthem! Take a listen to it on our school Youtube channel: 

Ruth Evans from NISCU also worked with the children across the classes.  Ruth focussed on the key elements of our School Vision, and the children created a collaborative piece of art, in the style of our logo, that exemplifies our Christian vision and values!  The oldest children have also asked the community to contribute by decorating a leaf  to add to the masterpiece!

It is displayed in our main corridor... come and take a look!