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Welcome to Helvellyn!


Please take a look below to see all of the fantastic learning we are doing in Helvellyn class!

In science Helvellyn have begun to learn about the circulatory system. The first thing we looked at, was 'what is blood? What is it made from? What does blood do?'

To understand the components of blood, we made our own edible blood using similar looking ingredients and trying to get the correct percentages of each component. 

We used:

apple juice - plasma (55%)

cherries - red blood cells (44%)

hundreds and thousands - platelets (0.5%)

marshmallows - white blood cells (0.5%) 


We looked at what each part of the blood does and how it helps our bodies.

Autumn Term 2022 - Curriculum Information Booklet

All About Me!


In our first week, we created a piece of collage art that showed us as unique individuals.

We talked about how everybody is full of different emotions and that all have different likes, dislikes, worries, things we enjoy and that's what makes us unique. We also talked about sharing our different emotions and that it is ok to feel these, nobody is happy all the time! We learnt a lot about each other and this will help make us a strong Helvellyn Class team!  

Autumn Term 2021

Outdoor Education - November 2021


This week with Gary, we explored problem solving and team games. 


We all had to work together to try and get everyone through the elastic hoop in the quickest time possible.

Gary taught us the 'STAR' acronym.






By using this technique we were able to get quicker and quicker.


We learnt that working as a team means listening to each other, compromising and even though my idea might not be chosen I am still valued. 

Outdoor Education - November 2021

Gav Cross Storytelling Workshop - October 2021


We were extremely lucky to have the wonderful Gav Cross visit us this week.


Gav is a storyteller (who know that was a real job!!!). Gav told us lots of stories and then let us in on the secret techniques he uses to engage his audience. He showed us how to exaggerate, use our voice at different volumes, how to pause at important parts and how to put the emphasis on different words to create an effect. We then had a go at making up our own twisted fairy tale, performing it to the others. 


There was lots of fun and laughter to be heard, a great way to finish off the end of term.

Gav Cross - Storytelling Workshop - October 2021

Term 1 


It has been yet another jam-packed week!


We enjoyed a lovely Harvest service at St Michael's Church on Friday. All the children stood up to display some of their fantastic work. We had confident readings of  wonderful poems about harvest celebrations around the world and fantastic sketches of Vincent Van Gogh's 'The Harvest' from 1888. Well done to all the children who showed off all their hard work and talents.


We took part in the Mathematics World Cup. This combined physical activity, maths and mindfulness as well as competing against each other and children from other schools. The children were split into 3 teams. They had to copy the instructor's actions whilst giving answers to different multiplication questions. They also needed to work together as a team to help each other answer different multiplication questions and win points. We were near the top of the table so fingers crossed we progress through to the next round!


In our RE learning we used the information we learnt about God from the book of Psalms, John and Isaiah to find pictures that represented God. We then used these to create a collage. We explained our choices for the pictures we used and reinforced this with the different Bible passages. We used the ideas that God is: loving, kind, peaceful, a creator, a King, merciful and a friend to Christians. A special mention to Sophie and Willow who not only created beautiful collages but also reflected carefully and gave excellent reasons for their picture choices! 


We've also been finding out about different physical landmarks in eastern European countries. We've had some fierce debates over which is the longest river in different countries based on the different information gathered from websites - should it be the river system we measure or just the length of the main river artery? Billy has shown a brilliant zeal for geography and began to investigate a range of different eastern European countries including Belarus, Azerbaijan and Slovakia We've had some very interesting discussions about the political and economic conditions of some of these countries too and thought how different life in Shap is compared to these countries. 



Summer Term 2021

Curriculum Information for Parents - Summer Term 2021

Young Entrepreneurs

Helvellyn children worked in teams to create business plans!

The children came up with some excellent plans:

  • Loomband jewellery 
  • Crispy Cakes
  • Pom Pom pencils
  • Popcorn and Candyfloss
  • Tiedye bandannas 


The children had to pitch their ideas to the banker (Mrs. Chappell) to ask for £10 start up loans.


The children had to market their products, calculate expenses for raw products and predict profits!


The children managed their pop up shops, selling to classes and families.


The children agreed how to direct their profits - some to school funds, the rest to charities including RSPCA, Stroke Association  and Every Life Matters.

Sound Walk - June 2021


Sound artist, Dan Fox, visited Helvellyn class today. We all went on a 'sound walk' around the village, and recorded lots of different sounds. Everybody was wearing headphones so we could all hear the sounds that were being recorded. When we arrived back at school, Dan used the recordings to make some creative beats!


Thanks to Dan, Nicola Estill, and the Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership.

Ascension Church Windows - May 2021

Here are some of our amazing church window designs. This activity tied in with our current class book, 'The Lost Child's Quest'.

Helvellyn celebrate Ascension Day

Forty days after Easter, Jesus climbed a hill with his friends. It was time for Jesus to go back to God in heaven but he left a very special promise: 'I am always with you'. We took part in some drama activities to show some of the feelings and thoughts surrounding the story.

Subtracting fractions using bar models - 20.05.21

Some of the Y5 children have been subtracting fractions using bar models - made from cubes. We needed to change the fractions so they had the same denominator, then used our bars to subtract effectively. 

Eden River's Trust Zoom Session - 20.05.21

Tania Crockett from Eden River's Trust held a Zoom session with Helvellyn children. The children looked at the Eden catchment area, and identified some of our local rivers/streams. A super game was played called 'Eden's Amazing Creatures', where the class had to use a key to identify living things from our area. Helvellyn children also learned about Atlantic Salmon migration, salmon farming, food chains and weirs. Next week the children will be visiting the river at Keld to see if they can find some of the creatures from the games!



Spring Term 2021
Autumn Term 2020


Using natural resources was the theme of this weeks Outward Bound session. The children made rope from nettles!


Week 2 was all about den building. We saw some pretty impressive dens and heard some amazing singing while the children were building.


What a lot of fun we have had with Liz and Andrew from the Outward Bound Trust. We played lots of exciting games so we could get to know each other and then went on a hunt around the school field to look for natural materials to make a colour chart.


We used maps and coloured cubes to help us to understand the major events leading up to the Battle of Britain. We looked at the countries involved and the roles they played.

Our School Vision Display

We looked at our School Vision, which is based on Colossians 3:14, Romans 12:16 and Isaiah 40:31. We chose a symbol to best represent one of these verses, and created it using Iris Folding. Can you guess what the symbols are?

Spring Term 2020

6 Christian values chosen! - 6th February 2020

Ruth Evans from Northern InterSchools Christian Union (NISCU) came into school yesterday to work in all of our classes with our children to review our school’s Christian Values linked to our Christian Vision. Our children identified 6 (out of 15) values that they thought were most important to Shap CE School. The chosen six included: Friendship, Trust, Peace, Compassion, Creation and Koinonia. These values will be explored in more detail with our children, staff, governors and families over the coming year.

Borneo Presentation - 31st January 2020

A big thank you to one of our school governors, Rib, for coming in to school to talk about her time in Borneo. We found out lots of things about the wildlife she saw, and the food that she ate! Rib also brought in some of the sarongs that she wore.

Bolivia Presentation - 28th January 2020

A big thank you to Pete, for coming in to talk to the Key Stage 2 children about his time working in the Bolivian Rainforest and his experience of cycling around Bolivia. We all learned so much and had so many questions to ask.

Orienteering - 28th January 2020

Melissa and Simon at the Kings Arms, Shap, donated some money to school last year, and we bought some new compasses (amongst other things). Today Alan Hartley came into our class to teach us how to use the compasses and develop our protractor skills!

Autumn Term 2019


Carol singing at Wasdale - 10th December 2019

The mini-police sang some carols and other Christmas songs to the residents of Wasdale.

Table Tennis Taster Session - 5th December 2019

We are very proud of these children who represented Shap CE School at KSGS table tennis afternoon! The children started the afternoon learning table tennis skills, and concluded playing 6 different table tennis games!
Thoroughly enjoyable, and Mike Sunderland, who organised the event passed on glowing comments about our children’s ability!
Well done all.

Helping to make our Bah Humbug set - 3rd December 2019

We had a fun morning helping Emma Turner to make some items for our Christmas performance of Bah Humbug. We created some fish and some holly wreaths.

Skateboarding - November 2019

We loved having Liam in, from Team Rubicon, for a skateboarding session. 

Boxes of Hope - November 2019

Thank you to everybody who contributed towards the Boxes of Hope Charity! The Year 5s packed them very carefully. Good job everyone!! 

Remembrance Poppies

Helvellyn enjoyed making collage poppies to be displayed in the flower beds around the school.

Remembrance Service - Mini-Police

Our mini-police represented our school with PCSO Karen Dakin, Mrs Chappell and Mrs Idle at St. Michael’s Church for our Remembrance Service. Our children laid a wreath at the cenotaph.

Sportshall Athletics - 31.10.19

Twelve children from Helvellyn represented the school by attending a Sportshall Athletics competition. It was held at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School, and we competed against 9 other teams. Everyone was great and ran as fast as they could!! There were also some throwing and jumping events. Well done athletes!

Mini Police - Lifestock and Machinery Theft - 28.10.19

Mini Police have been learning about rural crime this week, looking at livestock marking, wool marks and ear tagging. They also did a great job security marking David's trailer with Selecta DNA. Many thanks to David Ewin, Amanda Wallbank, and Selecta DNA.

Skipping Workshops - 11.10.19

Skipping Workshops delivered skipping sessions to all classes today. We looked at the perfect posture, and then had a go at some tricks. At the end of the day, parents were invited to watch a demonstration run by the children. Some of the parents even took part!

Eden Partnership Football Competition - October 2019

Well done to our football team. We played 4 games at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School, and the teamwork was AMAZING!!

Trip to Alston Railway - October 2019

We went for a delightful trip to Alston Railway to link in with our topic - The First Railways. We did a variety of activities, such as changing the signals, exploring the platform, learning about the construction of the Alston Railway, and going to see some of the trains being renovated. We also had a ride on the train. The day was amazing!

Orienteering - 19.09.19

What a glorious day for orienteering! A huge Thank you to Alan Hartley for working with all of our classes today, the children were highly motivated! We are hoping to raise funds for some new compasses to extend our orienteering skills later on in the year too!

Deloitte Ride Across Britain - 12.09.19

We enjoyed cheering for the passing cyclists, as they took part in the Deloitte Land's End to John O'Groats yesterday. They all did amazingly well on their long journey. 


Summer Term 2019



Four of our Year 6 children took part in a primary school maths competition earlier this week, and were crowned 'champions'. They were asked lots of questions about all aspects of maths, including famous mathematicians! Each member of the team was awarded a certificate and a scientific calculator. A wonderful effort!


The Year 5 and Year 6 children stayed in Liverpool for two nights. They visited some interesting places such as The Beatles Museum, The Cavern Club, Maritime Museum and The World Museum. Sailing on the River Explorer Cruise was superb. The ferry sailed from Pier Head Terminal to Woodside, where we visited the U-Boat Story. The weather was glorious which also added to the enjoyment of the trip.


The Mini Police gave a presentation to Chief Inspector Andy Wilkinson and PCSO Karen Dakin about looking after ourselves and others. They were then awarded a certificate in recognition of their hard work, commitment and dedication as a Cumbria Mini Police Officer.

YEAR 6 ANNUAL SCHOOL LEAVER'S SERVICE - Wednesday 12th June 2019

The Year 6 children attended this service at Carlisle Cathedral, along with 14 other schools. It was led by Canon Jan and Canon Michael. We sang songs, took part in some Praise Aerobics, watched some challenges and prayed. Rev. Alun also accompanied the children with Mrs Idle and Mrs Chappell.

Y5/6 LACROSSE TEAM MISS OUT ON NEXT ROUND - Tuesday 11th June 2019

Mrs Idle could not be any prouder of the lacrosse team this afternoon. They played in the North of England Championships (a level 3 competition) at Kendal Rugby Club, competing for a place in the Nationals. Unfortunately we missed out on a place, by two goals, as the top three teams all finished on the same points. Unfortunately there are no photos, as Mrs Idle was too busy cheering! An official team photo will be taken shortly. An amazing performance by the whole team, well done!


Goodley Dale 4 - 5 Shap WIN

                          Shap 9 - 2 Armathwaite WIN

     Milnthorpe 8 - 5 Shap LOSS

                             Shap 12 - 3 Grosvenor Park WIN

        St. Peters 2 - 3 Shap WIN

  St. Thomas's 3 - 6 Shap WIN

Goal scorers:

Alfie (16), Eli (12), Jack (5), Willow (3), Chloe (1), Maya (1)

Art Week - Day 4 - Thursday 23rd May 2019

Today we worked with Mandy Parker to learn silk-painting. We had a practice on our own piece of material, then joined together to create a shared background.

Art Week - Day 3 - Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Today we worked with an illustrator called Julia Mitchell. She showed us some of her own pencil drawings - mainly fell ponies - and explained how long it took to draw them. Julia demonstrated how she started a sketch by drawing Mrs Idle's dog, Tramper. We all had the opportunity to draw our own pets, and Julia came round to help us if we needed it. Below are some photos of this session - look out for the photos of the finished products!

We were also fortunate to have a visit from Emma Bramley, who showed us some of her art work. Emma takes her sketch book everywhere in her handbag, and likes to sketch places she has been. 

A big thank you to Julia and Emma for today!

Art Week - Day 2 - Tuesday 21st May 2019

Today we finished off our collages. Have a look through and see what we have created!

Art Week - Day 1 - Monday 20th May 2019

This morning we walked across to The Old Courthouse to see the exhibition by Natalie Burns called '100 Squares - A Year of my Life'. There were 100 pieces of art, each made up of 100 squares, to tell the story of Natalie's 2017. We thought the exhibition was fantastic - so much to look at and think about. If you have time, you must pop in yourselves to have a look!


When we arrived back to school we started writing our reviews of the exhibition - Natalie is keen to read the finished products!


This afternoon, we started to make our own collages, focusing on landscapes, squares and animals. A great start to our Art Week 2019!

NISCU Visit - Friday 10th May 2019

Today Ruth Evans from NISCU (northern inter-schools christian union) came to work with Helvellyn children. We had an afternoon adventure of prayer. We took part in lots of activities that helped us to think in a different way. One of our favourite bits was sitting in the tent having some quiet time. We will see Ruth again next month for some Year 6 transition session. Also, a big thank you to Pauline who came along and helped with our thinking!

GIST CHILD ROAD SAFETY - Thursday 9th May 2019

Paul and Mark from GIST visited today with one of their lorries to talk about road safety. We talked about the weight of the lorries, their size and how long it would take them to stop in an emergency. We also sat in the lorry and looked at the view the driver has, and more importantly, the parts around the lorry that they can't see. 


An AMAZING effort today from nine Y5/6 children. We played 4 and won 4. Lots of fab team work and positivity. We look forward to the next round in June!


Dodgeball Taster Session

A huge thank you to Ben from Eden Dodgeball Club, for delivering some taster sessions for our KS2 children. Ben runs a club on a Friday evening at Penrith Leisure Centre for anyone who would like to play on a regular basis. Below are some photos of Helvellyn children. Maya and Alfie were chosen as 'Players of the Session'.


Cumbria School Games Local Organising Committee challenged local primary schools to create a new flag for the Cumbria School Games. Helvellyn took part in the competition, and we are delighted to announce that we have a winner.


Amelia’s design (see below) was chosen to represent Eden at the School Games, which reflects the value of passion.

Amelia’s flag, along with the other six districts will be created by Youthability and Stitchability at Leonard Cheshire Disability based in Barrow. 


Amelia has been invited for a VIP experience at the School Games Summer Finals on Wed 10th July where she will take part in the opening ceremony as an official flag bearer. Well done Amelia! What a super achievement!

Spring Term 2019
Curriculum Information for Parents - Spring 2019


Jaimi Wilson came to see Helvellyn Class this morning. She has recently returned from three years cycling round the world - unsupported, with no phone and a budget of £7 per day.


Jaimi showed us lots of photos and told us all about her adventure. She even showed us her footballing skills!!


Jaimi is now in training to attempt to set a new record for a woman cycling around the world unsupported in the fastest time. It currently stands at 124 days - Jaimi is aiming for 120 days. She is due to set out in June 2020.


A huge thank you to Jaimi, we have all been inspired to set ourselves a personal goal.





Helvellyn would like to thank Ro and Debs from woodmatters, who came to deliver a very exciting workshop!!


Still image for this video




Well done to our Y5/6 cricket team who took part in a competition at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School this morning. They played extremely well and won 4/5 games.

Mini Police

Still image for this video
Video courtesy of Cumbria Constabulary

Autumn Term 2018


Helvellyn took part in a cake competition last week. The cake had to be Harry Potter themed, and was judged on taste and appearance. Take a look at the AMAZING entries!!




Helvellyn children produced some fantastic art work for this tour which is being exhibited in The Old Courthouse until the 19th September. Pop in and see what the Y5/6 children achieved!


Key Stage 2 children have started their 6-week block of yoga with Leigh-Ann from Yogi in the Lakes. Yoga helps to keep our bodies strong and flexible, and can have a great impact on mental health.

Wiz Lees Fitness Bootcamp

A huge 'thank you' to Wiz and Ben for our Wiz Lees Fitness Bootcamp. Helvellyn children had an AMAZING time!

Summer Term 2018

Helvellyn's Curriculum Information for Parents - Summer Term 2018

Year 5 Science Day at UCC


The Year 6 children enjoyed their trip to Carlisle Cathedral Annual School Leavers' Service. Canon Jan and Canon Michael led the service which was energetic and thought-provoking!


Helvellyn would like to thank Tania, Toby and James from Eden Rivers Trust and Janine from Gorgeous Media for their fun-packed day today. We started making our film about healthy/unhealthy rivers, sketched river plans, measured fish, looked at minibeasts and watched some



Helvellyn would like to thank Tania and Alice from Eden Rivers Trust, Janine from Gorgeous Media and Carl and Ruth Walters. We visited a farm at Bampton to see how they helped to keep their local river and streams healthy. It was very interesting, and our research will help us to produce a short film.


The Year 6s enjoyed an ice-cream after their last test this morning! Well done to you all.


The Year 5 children have started their Level 2 Bikeability training. They will be taught techniques for riding more safely on the road and consolidate existing skills.

Spring Term 2018

Mother's Day Crafts

Helvellyn Class would like to thank Mrs Grose, Pauline, Hillary, Reverand Dan and Reverand Alun for helping us to make Mother's Day crafts last Friday. We had great fun making 3D flowers! We made some for our mums', and some for a display in church. Here are some photos of our creations.

Autumn Term 2017

Secret Garden Workshop

Dave Cryer from Theatre by the Lake, Keswick, came to deliver a Secret Garden workshop before we went to watch the actual performance. We discussed the beginning of the story, the characters, and scripts. We then had a chance to act out some of the scenes!

Emotional Wellbeing Workshop

Lynsey from Your Voice Cumbria came in to school to explain emotions and how we can help our friends if they are finding things tough.

Y5/6 Sportshall Athletics Team 2017

UCC Prize Day 2017

The Year 6 children were invited to UCC Prize Day today. We enjoyed seeing lots of familiar faces, watching the displays and listening to Joey Essex. We were also really proud watching past pupils being awarded with Academic Prizes and Attitude & Service Prizes. Well done to those involved.


Statira taught us how to fold the chicken wire into a sculpture. They looked AMAZING!!!!


Today Statira from Sweden came into school to work with the Y5/6. We did paper folding this morning and weaving this afternoon. We look forward to finishing our work tomorrow.