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Ankhoma Dreamers​​​​​​​

Thank you to Lucy for coming in to talk to the whole school about her volunteering work in Ankoma, Ghana. Lucy volunteered in Ghana last summer for three weeks by running a summer school for the children in the village. She will be returning this summer to continue her work.
We are looking to be one of the host schools to be welcoming some of the Ankoma Dreamers in September. These are a group of 7 children that will be travelling to the UK from Ankoma to see what life is like in England. To help usto raise funds to support this experience we had a ‘uniform recycle’, organised by our School Council! The money raised has been banked to support our Ankhoma visitors!
On Friday 14th February, we are having a ‘come to school in your PJs day’ to raise some funds for this charity. If you would like anymore information or have any fund raising suggestions please speak to a member of staff or the School Council.

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