Thank you for all of your contributions for our Harvest collection for the Upper Eden Food Bank! You can see our Harvest celebration films on the 'Collective Worship' page within our 'RE and Collective Worship' section of 'Key Information'!
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Shap CE Primary SchoolA Safe Branch from which to Soar

Welcome toShap CE Primary SchoolA Safe Branch from which to Soar

Courageous Advocacy

Courageous Advocacy - We can make a Difference!


Proverbs 31:8 Good News Translation (GNT) of the Bible

"Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves.  Protect the right of all who are helpless"

Upper Eden Foodbank

This harvest time, we agreed to support our local Foodbank.  We explored the concepts of hunger, and sharing in preparation for this.  Janet and her trusty little helper packed up our offerings to combine with St. Michael’s ready to deliver to The Upper Eden Foodbank.

Ankhoma Dreamers

Thank you to Lucy for coming in to talk to the whole school about her volunteering work in Ankoma, Ghana. Lucy volunteered in Ghana last summer for three weeks by running a summer school for the children in the village. She will be returning this summer to continue her work.
We are looking to be one of the host schools to be welcoming some of the Ankoma Dreamers in September. These are a group of 7 children that will be travelling to the UK from Ankoma to see what life is like in England. To help usto raise funds to support this experience we had a ‘uniform recycle’, organised by our School Council! The money raised has been banked to support our Ankhoma visitors!
On Friday 14th February, we are having a ‘come to school in your PJs day’ to raise some funds for this charity. If you would like anymore information or have any fund raising suggestions please speak to a member of staff or the School Council.

During friendship week, we focussed on the ‘Living in Harmony within our Community’ elements of our Christian Vision.  We identified 4 issues within our community as foci for social action.  These issues were littering, dog poo, speeding and parking.  In family groups, the children designed and created signs made of slate to encourage safe driving and parking, and correct disposal of litter and dog poo.  Using maps if the village, Kidsty Pike’ children plotted where to place the signs, and distributed them in appropriate places around the village. 

We’ve had lots of positive feedback from people within the community, thanking us for our efforts to improve our village.

WWF Adoption

School Councillors were concerned about the amount of paper used in the process of sharing Christmas cards. As an alternative, they suggested tat we had a collection in lieu of Christmas cards. As we have been inspired by David Attenborough’s ‘Seven Worlds, One Planet’ it was agreed we’d collect for WWF.  We raised enough to allow us to adopt an animal, and after researching the vulnerabilities of a variety of animals, we had a vote, and the adoption winner was....


we are proud to have adopted the Amur Leopard as they are classified as ‘ critically endangered’

Climate Change

Two of our children went to Carlisle to take part in the international protests about Climate Change.  Back in school they asked if we could have a Worship Time linked to climate change.  We shared the stories of some inspirational children such as Greta Thunberg, and our two children wrote this report to share with our children.  We gave all of the children in Worship time a bit of homework, an 'Eco quiz' that they could do online to identify how they can 'do their little bit to help'.  We also decided that our KS2 children would watch Newsround daily to help us keep updated as to the climate change protests and progress.

Harvest 2019

Within our Harvest Celebration, we collected goods for Manna House, an establishment in Kendal who provide support for the homeless.  The community donated non-perishable goods to support our cause too.  Mrs Kelsall delivered our gifts to Manna House - they were delighted with our contributions.  Our children learned to be thankful for what they have, and to consider those less fortunate than themselves.