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Christmas Prayer Stations

What a lovely Worship Time we have had today, 12.12.22!

Helvellyn children planned ‘prayer stations’ for the children to work through, highlighting the ‘real reason for the season’!

Children were getting crafty at each station that focussed on the different elements of The Christmas Story!

Our older children are excellent role models for our younger children, and we’re excellent tutors!

Remembrance Sunday with the Mini Police

Church in the Barn

What a wonderful visit we had to 'Church in the Barn' at Penrith!
Graham and Jari visit us at school every week for Worship Time, however this week, we went to visit them at Church in the Barn!
We were amazed by the church, especially all of the opportunities to play and be physical!
Graham and Jari set the children off on a quiz including a 'cross hunt' and a 'name the flag' competition, where we learned of all of the links that the church has with the different countries!
A HUGE thank you to Graham, Jari, Joy and Mervin for spoiling us while we were there, and for providing this wonderful opportunity for  our children!


Helvellyn children led a Class Worship, based around the theme of Lent!

The children introduced us to 'Wild Lent', where they challenged us to wrap up warm and head off into the wilds (outdoors!) be reflective and get close and personal with creation!

The challenges Helvellyn children have set us over the 40 days of Lent are:

  • Rain Painting
  • Cloud Watching
  • Natural Art Sculpting
  • 'I Spy Spring'

Our Worship Councillors reviewed Worship Time recently, by asking our children to complete a survey to identify what our children enjoy, and how we can improve our Worship time.

Some children mentioned that they didn't like to be sitting for Worship Time, and other children asked for more interactive Worship Time. So.....

We decided that once a half term, we would have a 'Creative Church' session, where we would incorporate a crafty activity into our worship Time!

We had our first 'Creative Church' on Thursday, and our theme was 'St. Valentine'! The children learned all about St. Valentine, and the meaning behind the Valentine Day events.

Did you know:

  • The day gets its name from a famous saint, but there are several stories of who he was. The popular belief about St Valentine is that he was a priest from Rome in the third century AD. Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage because he thought married men were bad soldiers. Valentine felt this was unfair, so he broke the rules and arranged marriages in secret. When Claudius found out, Valentine was thrown in jail and sentenced to death. There, he fell in love with the jailer's daughter and when he was taken to be killed on 14 February he sent her a love letter signed "from your Valentine".
  • St. Valentine is the patron saint of beekeepers, in charge of keeping honey sweet and beekeepers protected!
  • The symbol for Valentine's Day is Cupid. In Roman mythology, Cupid is the son of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Legend has it that he is armed with a bow and arrows in order to pierce people's hearts causing them to fall deeply in love.

The children enjoyed getting all crafty, making a Valentine's heart to share their love. They were reminded of God's love for us all, knowing that he will 'always keep us in his care'!

Candlemas at St. Michael's

On Wednesday 02.02.22 we held our Candlemas service at St. Michael's Church.

Ruth (NISCU) and Fajita the chicken (puppet) led the service, helping the children to learn about Candlemas through the story presented in Luke 2:22–40.

Mrs Grose, one of our Church Wardens, made the church look beautiful by lighting candles throughout the Church, making it all the more special!

Carol Services 2021 - Indoors at St. Michael's and Outdoors with our families

The night of Wednesday 15th December was a 'magical evening' for the children, staff and families who came to the outdoor 'Carols around the Tree' event.


Mrs Capstick, Shannon and Gary were like little elves preparing the sunshelter and tree with twinkling fairy lights in preparation for the event, and it looked wonderful in the dark!

Armed with their torches the children sang Christmas songs and carols to their families on the yard, expertly led by Mrs. Idle!  The carols and songs told the Christmas story, concluding with our youngest children singing songs from their nativity.


Thank you to all of the families who attended, it was very special, and we have had lots of positive feedback and requests for this to become an annual event - there's even talk of mulled wine and mince pies!


We concluded our eventful and exciting Christmassy week up at St. Michael's Church!


Mrs. Idle led the service with carols and Christmas songs, sang beautifully by our staff and children - the acoustics in St. Michael's always makes our singing sound even better!


The Worship Councillors shared prayers and poems too:


Arthur started the service with the school prayer,

Jacob W read a poem about Jesus' Birthday,

Orlagh and Bella M read a poem together called 'The Colours of Christmas',

Damon read a Christmas prayer that reminded us of 'the reason for the season',

Darrenlee concluded the service with our 'end of week prayer'!


It was a lovely way to wind down our Christmas week!

Christingle Service 2021

Thursday 09 December was Christingle Day!

All of the children in school made their own Christingles, and while making them, we talked about the meaning of each of the different parts of the traditional Christingle!

In a very special whole school worship session, Ruth Evans (NISCU) took the children back to the origin of the tradition (1747 in Germany) and considered the first Christingle prayer and what it might look like to have a heart like Jesus'.

Each child made a heart with their hands and looked through the heart they had made to remind them of the love we show to others, especially at Christmas.

Carol Singing 2021

Still image for this video
Our Key Stage 2 Children have been learning carols and Christmas Songs!

They visited Westmorland Services to sing to their customers!

Everyone was particularly impressed with the actions to 'We're the guys with the camels'!

Advent Service of Light, St.Michael’s Church 01.12.21

Rev. Fran les our Advent Service of Light, supported by our Worship Councillors!


Jacob did our reading, and Damon and Orlagh shared the prayer.

Helvellyn Class Worship Time September 20.09.21: Harvest

Leavers Service - Helvellyn at St. Michael’s

Helvellyn class had a wonderful and intimate service at St. Michael’s on their last day with us.

The Year 5 children prepared a photo collage and a speech fir each Year 6 child.

The Year 6 children recalled their favourite memories over their years with us, and shared their ambitions for the future!

Mrs. Chappell shared ‘three words’ that best described each Year 6 child.

Rev. Fran blessed the children and focussed on the ‘soaring’ element of our school vision.

The PCC awarded a bible to each of our Year 6 leavers as they progress on to Secondary School

Leavers Service - whole school

The children were awarded their ‘safe branch’ and an autograph signed by staff and children.

Catbells and Kidsty Pike children sang to our leavers; Blencathra children recited poetry!

We concluded with ‘The Leavers Song’!

Christmas 2020 didn’t allow the typical celebrations within school and at St. Michael’s... We filmed and shared online instead: 

Catbells’ Nursery Rhyme Nativity 2020

Blencathra’s ‘Stille Nacht’

Helvellyn’s ‘Something Special...’

Kidsty Pike’s Away in a Manger

Carol Singing in Kidsty Pike

Christingle Worship 2020


We worked with the local history society to learn about people from Shap who had lost their lives at war. In class we continued our learning through our written and creative work, and decorated our outdoors with the product of our work.  On 11.11.20, some of our children went to St. Michael’s. We had remembrance worship in our classrooms, and were very fortunate to have Terence’s mum, Katie play The Last Post on her trumpet to mark our silence.

The fruit of the Spirit Galatians 5:22-23 Introduced to us by pastor Graham and Jari, useful at Harvest time, and throughout the year!

Harvest Celebrations 2020 - Virtually!

Rev. Alun concluded our Harvest celebrations by encouraging us to heed the words within this poem:

Worship Planning Autumn 2020: Via Zoom

Worship during Lockdown

Open the Book: Moses

Our children enjoyed this bible story... a tale with a twist and a happy ending!

We concluded this Worship Time by singing Kumbayah ... a lullaby for Moses!


Ankhoma Dreamers

Thank you to Lucy for coming in to talk to the whole school about her volunteering work in Ankoma, Ghana. Lucy volunteered in Ghana last summer for three weeks by running a summer school for the children in the village. She will be returning this summer to continue her work.
We are looking to be one of the host schools to be welcoming some of the Ankoma Dreamers in September. These are a group of 7 children that will be travelling to the UK from Ankoma to see what life is like in England.
On Friday 14th February, we are having a ‘come to school in your PJs day’ to raise some funds for this charity. If you would like anymore information or have any fund raising suggestions please speak to a member of staff or the School Council.

EYFS: Chinese New Year

As part of their ‘Bingo Lingo’ topic, Catbells children were learning about the celebrations that happen at Chinese New Year!  The children sampled their food and other traditions associated with these festivities.  They performed a wonderful Dragon Dance and song that illustrated all of the customs associated with Chinese New Year!

Open the Book: Joseph

Our Open the Book team required many of our children to volunteer this week for Joseph and his brethren!

In the story of Joseph and his brothers, we learned about the themes of forgiveness, the father-son bond, sibling rivalry, brotherly love, God’s sovereignty, and God’s greater good in times of suffering. Just like Joseph, we are called to forgive those who have offended us and see life’s experiences as part of God’s plan to help us serve others.

Reverend Fran: Church as a Body of People

Reverend Fran likened the church to her ‘body of plates’... The church is not the bricks and mortar, rather the people that join together.

Fran created an acrostic with the initial of church:




Really Cool




The children were learning about Advent!

They made a wreath together, and then we had a quiz to see who could recall the ‘Advent’ facts!

Worship Council Badge Design

Our Worship Council decided that they wanted badges, so that they would be easily recognisable, allowing everyone to know who they are!  

The councillors designed their badge on a blank template, and Ruth Evans (NISCU) came to judge the designs!

There wasn’t one design that was the outright winner, as Ruth liked elements of them all! Ruth liked, for example, the candle on Emily’s design, as that symbolises ‘the light of God’s presence’ from our school prayer! Ruth liked the cross symbols, included in many of the designs, and she liked the inclusion of ‘Love, hope and peace’ within Sophie’s design!

Ruth has taken the designs and she is going to see if she can develop a design that incorporates the best from each of the Worship Councillors designs!

So.... watch this space!

Reviewing our School Prayer and defining ‘Praising’

We reviewed our school Prayer, adding in playing and learning!  We explored what ‘the light of God’s presence’ means by exemplifying it in a darkened hall with torches! To help us to understand ‘Praising’, Ruth Evans from NISCU encouraged us to write ‘paper aeroplane prayers’ that we launched up to the ceiling, to demonstrate praising God.

Music within Worship Time

Still image for this video
Our Worship Council wanted to have more music within Worship Times! They now coordinate a rota of volunteer musicians who play us in and out of our Worship!
It allows us time to be still, and listen, and admire the talents of others, such as these two talented young ladies:

Partnership with NISCU

Ruth from NISCU (Northern Inter-Schools Christian Union) helped us to establish our Worhip Council.  She helped us to prioritise our actions and identify what we want to improve about our Worship within school.  We prioritised developing the use of music into our Worship Time, and reviewing our school prayer!

Remembrance Service 10.11.19 at St. Michael’s

Our mini-police represented our school with PCSO Karen Dakin at St. Michael’s Church for our Remembrance Service.

Our children laid a wreath at the cenotaph.

Back at school, we showed our respect for the people and animals affected by war, by creating poppies to display in our school grounds!