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Collective Worship

Open the Book: Joseph

Open the Book: Joseph  1
Open the Book: Joseph  2
Open the Book: Joseph  3
Open the Book: Joseph  4

Our Open the Book team required many of our children to volunteer this week for Joseph and his brethren!

In the story of Joseph and his brothers, we learned about the themes of forgiveness, the father-son bond, sibling rivalry, brotherly love, God’s sovereignty, and God’s greater good in times of suffering. Just like Joseph, we are called to forgive those who have offended us and see life’s experiences as part of God’s plan to help us serve others.

Reverend Fran: Church as a Body of People

Reverend Fran: Church as a Body of People 1
Reverend Fran: Church as a Body of People 2
Reverend Fran: Church as a Body of People 3

Reverend Fran likened the church to her ‘body of plates’... The church is not the bricks and mortar, rather the people that join together.

Fran created an acrostic with the initial of church:




Really Cool




The children were learning about Advent!

They made a wreath together, and then we had a quiz to see who could recall the ‘Advent’ facts!

Worship Council Badge Design

Worship Council Badge Design 1
Worship Council Badge Design 2

Our Worship Council decided that they wanted badges, so that they would be easily recognisable, allowing everyone to know who they are!  

The councillors designed their badge on a blank template, and Ruth Evans (NISCU) came to judge the designs!

There wasn’t one design that was the outright winner, as Ruth liked elements of them all! Ruth liked, for example, the candle on Emily’s design, as that symbolises ‘the light of God’s presence’ from our school prayer! Ruth liked the cross symbols, included in many of the designs, and she liked the inclusion of ‘Love, hope and peace’ within Sophie’s design!

Ruth has taken the designs and she is going to see if she can develop a design that incorporates the best from each of the Worship Councillors designs!

So.... watch this space!

Reviewing our School Prayer and defining ‘Praising’

We reviewed our school Prayer, adding in playing and learning!  We explored what ‘the light of God’s presence’ means by exemplifying it in a darkened hall with torches! To help us to understand ‘Praising’, Ruth Evans from NISCU encouraged us to write ‘paper aeroplane prayers’ that we launched up to the ceiling, to demonstrate praising God.

Music within Worship Time

Still image for this video
Our Worship Council wanted to have more music within Worship Times! They now coordinate a rota of volunteer musicians who play us in and out of our Worship!
It allows us time to be still, and listen, and admire the talents of others, such as these two talented young ladies:

Partnership with NISCU

Partnership with NISCU 1
Partnership with NISCU 2
Ruth from NISCU (Northern Inter-Schools Christian Union) helped us to establish our Worhip Council.  She helped us to prioritise our actions and identify what we want to improve about our Worship within school.  We prioritised developing the use of music into our Worship Time, and reviewing our school prayer!

Remembrance Service 10.11.19 at St. Michael’s

Remembrance Service 10.11.19 at St. Michael’s 1
Remembrance Service 10.11.19 at St. Michael’s 2

Our mini-police represented our school with PCSO Karen Dakin at St. Michael’s Church for our Remembrance Service.

Our children laid a wreath at the cenotaph.

Back at school, we showed our respect for the people and animals affected by war, by creating poppies to display in our school grounds!