School is now closed for the Easter holiday. We wish you a peaceful break, and we look forward to seeing the children on 17 April 2023.
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Welcome to Catbells!


This page will illustrate our exciting class news, pictures of things we've done and more.

Colours of The Rainbow - Parents Booklet (Second half of Spring Term 2023)

Go Jetters - Parents Booklet (Spring First Half of Term)

Jan 23 - Tim and Sasha’s mum ‘Anna’ visited the class. The children learned that the blue on the Ukranian flag represented ‘sky’ and the yellow ‘flour’. We located ‘Sarny’ the town where the family is from, on a map. We admired the traditional shirts that the family wore especially, to show us. We looked at photos of Sarny and saw forests full of Roe deer and an idyllic railway line running through the trees. We hope Anna’s beautiful town remains as she remembers it when it is safe for her tp return to Ukraine. The class attempted to make the traditional Ukrainian soup ‘Borscht’. Ingredients included cabbage, carrots and potatoes so it was very red. We enjoyed tasting it.

January 23. Catbells enjoyed making flapjack. They had a vote to decide what they wanted to bake and sequenced instructions to follow a recipe. They all agreed that the best bit was "sharing and eating it"!

Dragons Versus Dinosaurs Parents Booklet - Second Half Autumn Term 2022

October 2022 - Reception enjoyed a Wonderful Wizards Wonder to Peggy Nut Woods! They met a Wizard, who showed them how to make wands with willow. They mixed magic potions and made spectacular spells!.

Catbells Class Flag 2022-23 representing 'PLAYING'

Wave a Magic Wand: First half of Autumn Term 2022

Catbells Class Charter signed by parents and pupils for 22-23

My Village and Beyond: Second half of Summer Term 2022

Houses and Homes: First Half of Summer Term 2022

Farming: Second Half of the Spring Term 2022

World Kitchen First Half of Spring Term 2022

Wild Animals Second Half of Autumn Term 2021

Myself & My Family Parents Booklet First Half of Term Autumn 2021

Seaside Rescue Parents Booklet Second Half Summer 2021

Parents Booklet Pirates - Summer Term First Half

Parents Booklet - Art at Large March 2021

Catbells Class Charter to be signed and returned

Parents Information Booklet 2020-2021

The children in Catbells class were learning about the Easter story.  They discovered that the shape of a hot cross bun is similar to the rock that was in front of the tomb!  They knew that the cross on top of the buns symbolised Jesus' crucifixion.  The children prepared hot cross buns to eat whilst watching the visual bible story!