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Welcome toShap CE Primary SchoolA Safe Branch from which to Soar


Welcome to Blencathra!


This page will illustrate our exciting class news, pictures of things we've done and more.

Home School Agreement 2021-22

Our Class Charter 2021/22

In small groups and then as a class we discussed our School Vision and Values and the meaning of these.

We then thought about what we need to do in our classroom, school and community to implement these to create our class charter. 

Autumn Term Curriculum Map

Roald Dahl Homework Project - Autumn Term 2021

Lego We Do - Wednesday 29th September 2021

Today, we continued to develop our programming skills. We had to make a cooling fan and then program it to spin. We then used the coding to make the fan spin faster, slower and also to change direction. Some of began thinking, if we changed the design of the fan would it effect the speed of the fan. We had lots of excellent discussions about aerodynamics and how this effects the speed of something, for example how fast the fan will spin around. So much Science and computing discussions happening as well as teamwork and communication. 

Lego We Do - Wednesday 22nd September 2021

This was our first time of using the Lego We Do, we were all very excited and keen to be engineers and computer programmers. 

Firstly, we needed to go through the rules when using the resources to ensure we show lots of respect and care for the equipment. We also needed to think about how we can work collaboratively together to be successful. 

We then started to build our Lego snails, following instructions. Once our models were built, we had to use the software to light up our snail. We all did this very successfully. Next, we were set challenges to explore how to change the colour, how to keep the light on for different lengths of time and to see if we could make the snail flash like a rainbow. We all very proud to achieve what we did in our first lesson.  

Orienteering - Monday 20th September

Today, we enjoyed using our new maps that Thomas' Daddy Alan Hartley produced for us. We completed some line courses, which involved us looking very closely at our maps to see which flags we needed to collect. We worked together in very small groups so we had to talk about our route and the flags that we needed to record. We soon learned detail was key and it wasn't a case of just running around to find any flags. By the end of the session, we were using our maps much better and looking more closely at the line to ensure we only collected the flags we needed. We are looing forward to doing some different line courses next week. 

Roald Dahl Day - Monday 13th September 2021

Meet our Roald Dahl characters. Can you name them all? We are so proud of the effort that the children and parents went to with their costumes, they all looked amazing and we had some brilliant props to go alongside the costumes. Well done. 

For our Roald Dahl Day, all of our learning was based around Roald Dahl, his books and characters and his illustrator Quintin Blake. 

We made the BFGs favourite drink 'Frobscottle' by weighing and measuring the ingredients and cutting, blending, pouring and mixing the ingredients carefully. There was mixed reviews about the taste!!!

Dream catchers were made as well as listening to some of the BFG on audiobook while drawing what we could imagine, using the descriptive details we heard. Quintin Blake needs to watch out, we had some budding illustrators that created excellent illustrations of Willy Wonka and the Oompa Lumpas. We played Roald Dahl Maths games to develop our mental methods of addition and created our own villains for the Roald Dahl Day competition. 

We finished the day with a film night, where we enjoyed watching the film adaptation James and the Giant Peach.

School Anthem Composing - September 2021

This week our school are working with Mr O'Connor to compose and record a school Anthem.

Our job today was to take the school vision to compose the chorus! We did lots of singing. Once our voices were warm, we took sections of the vision and sung these using our own tunes. Mr O'Connor listened to our ideas and collated these to compose the chorus. 

Please click the weblink below to listen to us. This is just the first edit. A group of children are continuing to work with Mr O'Connor throughout the rest of the week, to compose the verses and to edit the chorus to produce the final edit. 

Home School Agreement - 2020/21

On returning to school in September, we looked closely at our School Vision. We talked about the meaning of each section of the vision and what it would look like in our class. We then went on to produce our class charter thinking about how we could link it to the vision. We were extremely pleased with the charter the children produced. 

Our Class Charter 2020/21

Blencathra's Curriculum Information - Summer Term 2021 - Ancient Greece and the Olympics

Summer Term 2021 - Homework Project Ideas - Anceint Greece

June - Ancient Greece and Olympics Homework Projects

Blencathra's Curriculum Information - Term 4 - Natural Disasters

Jacobs volcano experiment 1.mp4

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

17th March - First Aid Training with Action Ants

16th March - Exploring circuits

15th March - Paper Sculptures

Blencathra's Curriculum Information for Parents - Autumn Term 2020 - World War 2

October Homework Project - World War 2

Monday 14th December - Zooming with Michael Evans (The director of the JD Sports Christmas Advert)

Spreading Christmas Cheer to the Cumberland Infirmary

The class all created a Christmas image to spread Christmas cheer to staff and patients at the Cumberland Infirmary at Carlisle.


We recieved the following message from Ellis Davidson a nurse on Maple Ward B:


I've displayed all the children's pictures on maple B my surgical ward. The staff and patients were very impressed and want to wish all the children a wonderful Christmas 🎄
Thanks again
Some talented young artists in your group

Friday 4th December - Enjoying our first snowfall

We welcomed Blencathra back today with a day focused on World War 2.


In the morning we made evacuation tags and Identity Cards and talked about why Identity Cards were needed in the war.

We then had several different activities:


Rationing - the children tasted foods that would have been around during the war. We ate some National Loaf with margarine and tried a bit of Spam too. We tested a 'Swiss Breakfast' of oats soaked in water and sweetened with grated apple. Finally we looked at treats for children. We had some raspberry tea (jam in hot water) and boiled sweets. It is fair to say the children enjoyed the sweet ration but weren't too thrilled with the rest of the food. We talked about food today and how difficult rationing must have been for people. 


Money - the children handled World War 2 coins and looked at the differences between coins from the era and today. We looked at how a different number system was used (12 pennies to a shilling) and how money was written (1/6 = 1 shilling and sixpence). Children identified different coins including: shillings, sixpence, thruppence, pennies, half pennies, half crowns and farthings. 


Escaped Prisoners of War - The children heard a true story about two German airmen called Heinz Schnabel and Henry Wappler, who escaped from the Shap Wells Hotel POW camp in 1941. The children were excited to learn about their daring escape on a train to Carlisle where they disguised themselves and went to the cinema before stealing a plane from the RAF base. 


Medal Making - children looked at different medals awarded to people for their service in WW2. They then designed and made their own medal out of clay. We will wait for these to dry and paint them next week.


In the afternoon we looked at the Battle of Britain and how Polish forces were integral in helping the RAF. We learnt the names of different aircraft and watched some clips of the RAF men being called to their planes and taking off. Finally, we recorded a radio broadcast, imagining we were reporting on the dog-fights over the English Channel. 


We have been busy creating our own World War 2 scene as part of our homework this month.

We have been very creative and imaginative as you can see from the photographs.

The homework involved us researching World War 2 and looking carefully at images from this time.

We had to think carefully about where we wanted our scene to be set. Some have thought about someone’s home, their garden, in an air raid shelter, in the trenches, etc.

We have used different resources and techniques to create our scene, some have used shoeboxes, a tray, a painting, a sketch, the list goes on. 

We hope you enjoy looking at what we have created, we have put a great deal of time and effort into them.


In Blencathra, we have been thinking about Remembrance Day. We have read a number of poems and discussed these in details before selecting important and emotive vocabulary. Once we had done this we created our own blackout poems. We painted images on wood and also competed stainglass windows to be displayed around our school grounds as a sign of Remembrance.

On Remembrance day, we walked up to St. Michael's Church to look at the War Memorial. We thought about all the men from Shap that lost their lives in World War 1. 

Monday 9th November - Week 7 with Outward Bounds was all about Remembrance crosses

Monday 2nd November - Week 6 with Outward Bounds - weaving and tying twigs together to make spiders webs and stars

Natural Art with the Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership - 15/10/20

We were very lucky to welcome Lily and Gem from Stomping Ground and Nicola from the Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership to school on Thursday. We created a natural art picture of Hardendale Nab cairn using a variety of natural materials from around the school field and from the equipment Lily and Gem brought with them. First a large frame was created using tree branches. We then used a photograph to look at the different elements of the picture and worked together to shape different natural items to form the different parts of the picture. 


All the children took part in helping to make the picture and they worked excellently as a team. They all enjoyed their morning outside in the sunshine being active, rating it a 10/10! 


Still image for this video

Monday 12th October - Week 4 with Outward Bounds - Making trails

Wednesday 7th October - Razzmatazz Drama Worskshop

Monday 5th October 2020 - Opening of the new running track

Monday 5th October - Week 3 with Outward Bounds - Using natural resources to create colour

Monday 28th September - Week 2 with Outward Bounds - Den Building

This week, we enjoyed working together with Liz and Andrew to create a large den that we could all fit in. This involved a lot of team work, communication, listening to others, following instructions and solving problems. 

Then we used materials we found around the playing field to make our own little dens. I wonder who would like to live in the dens we built? 

Homework linked to National Recycling Week - September 2020

Our homework this week linked to the National Recycling Week. Last year, School Council were very keen on Recycling and how we could recycle more in school and at home. The focus of the recycling week was Thanking the Nation: Together - We recycle. We feel this focus also links well to our school vision. 
We completed one or more of the challenges that the National Recycling Week set. 

Home Learning Plan - Week Beginning 22nd June 2020

Home Learning Plan - Week Beginning 15th June 2020

Home Learning - Week Beginning 15th June 2020

This week, a lot of our work was focused on Celebrating the Puffin Publishers 80th Birthday. The children enjoyed following step by step instructions to recreate story characters, writing their own adventure stories and creating their own ABC poems about their chosen topic. 

Home Learning Plan - Week Beginning 8th June 2020

Home Learning - Week Beginning 8th June

This week has mostly been about designing and making our own Roman shields. 

We have also finished reading Romans on the Rampage and researched about the author Jeremy Strong. It has been great to hear the children have loved the book and some have gone on to buy the next one. 


Home Learning Plan - Week Beginning 1st June 2020

Home Learning - Week Beginning 1st June 2020

OW - Race Animation.MOV

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BD - Race

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Home Learning Plan - Week Begining 18th May 2020

Home Learning - Week Beginning 18th May 2020

Dream Job.mp4

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This week, to fit in with the Mental Heath Awareness Week and their focus 'kindness', we are thinking about what we could do to be kind to others, animals and/or world. We know we have very kind children in Blencathra class but this has just show us how kind and thoughtful you are.  To link with the kindness quality and also the Romans on the Rampage book we are reading, the children have been thinking about their dream job and the qualities they would need to be successful at these roles. 

Home Learning Plan - Week Beginning 11th May 2020

Home Learning - Week Beginning 11th May 2020

This week in PSHE, we were thinking about what makes us happy. The children had to choose and complete an activity that made them happy. It was lovely to receive these photos of a range of activities and lots of smiling faces. 

Home Learning Plan - Week Beginning 4th May 2020

Home Learning - Week beginning 4th May 2020

RD - Churchill Speech.MOV

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CC - Churchill Speech.MOV

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CW - Churchill Speech.mp4

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Home Learning Plan - Week Beginning 27th April 2020

Home Learning - Week Beginning 27th April 2020

Chariot Animations

Still image for this video

Mack - Chariot Animation.mp4

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Coco - Chariot Animation.mp4

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Maddie - Chariot

Still image for this video

KL - Race Day Chant.mp4

Still image for this video

Chariot Chant.MOV

Still image for this video

After reading some of Romans on the Ramage by Jeremy Strong, the children could decide if to write and perform a chant that could be sang at a chariot race, create a chariot racing animation, write a chariot racing story or produce a chariot racing cartoon.
This is some of the work that the children have produced. Well done.

They also looked into designing a Roman border mosaic and compared England and Italy. 

We thought about all the things we are missing and produced posters to tell others about these things. We all had a lot in common: friends, family and playing football. 

Home Learning Plan - Week Beginning 20th April 2020

Home Learning - Week Beginning 20th April 2020

We are reading Romans on the Rampage by Jeremy Strong. The raven in the story wants to be a chariot racehorse so we thought about what we would like to be and why. We have also completed some research about chariot racing and compiled this information into a fact sheet to inform others about the sport.

We have designed our own Roman shields and found about the Italian city Rome now. 

Home Learning Plan - Week Beginning 13th April 2020

Home Learning - Week Beginning 13th April 2020

The children have been experimenting with mosaics at home, to link with our Roman topic. They have used coloured pieces of paper, a website or squared paper and colouring pencils. What a creative bunch we have in Blencathra. 

Home Learning Links for Blencathra


You will find below a list of websites that can help you with your home learning. If you do something at home that is or isn't on the list or one of the tasks we have emailed over, we will be more than pleased to see it. Please make sure you email Mrs Capstick or Mrs Parkyn a photo. Happy learning and please keep in touch with us.  



Links to all areas of the Curriculum

Home Learning - February 2020

Week beginning 23rd March 2020 - Some of the work the wonderful children in Blencathra have been doing as part of their home learning this week. Well done everyone. We are looking forward to sharing what you have done after the Easter break. 

Multiplication Tables Check - Useful weblinks

Below are a number of links which the children can use to practise their times tables in preparation for the Multiplication Tables Check in June.

Blencathra's Curriculum Information for Parents Spring 2020

The Rainforest Homework Project Information Spring Term 2020

February 2020 - Rainforests Homework Project - Part 1

28th January 2020 - Bolivia Talk

January 2020 - Compass Skills with Alan Hartley

Blencathra's Curriculum Information for Parents Autumn Term 2019

The First Railways Homework Project Information Autumn Term 2019

December 2019 - The First Railways Homework Projects - Part 2

October 2019 - The First Railways Homework Projects - Part 1

The Lego Train Movie - Homework Project

Written and created by Oscar using Stop Motion

October 2019 - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

September 2019 - Jean Scott Smith's Railway Talk

Jean Scott-Smith is a local historian. She came in to speak to the class about the building of the Lancaster to Carlisle railway which passes through Shap. She also go the children to think about how this effected Shap, thinking about the positives and negatives. Jean shared so much information with the children, who were all thoroughly engrossed by what she had to say. She then took us on a walk to the church yard to look at the navvies memorial. We finished the morning by visiting the Market Cross to watch a clip of a steam train travelling over Shap. While at the Market Cross the children had time to look at the exhibition that is currently on about steam trains. We are now looking forward to a walk to visit the old station at Shap.

Blencathra's Curriculum Information for parents Summer Term 2019

Viking Homework Project Information Summer Term 2019

July 2019 - Dragon Eyes using water colours and clay

July 2019 - Viking Homework Projects - Part 2

Bowling with volunteers from Shap Bowling Club.

Art Week - Finished Rubbish Clothing

Battle of Strength

Still image for this video

Wiz Lees a local Fitness Instructor came in to work with us in preparation for Total Warrior in a few weeks.

There was lots of planking, squats, running, burpees and also working on our strength. 

We all had a fantastic time and are now on count down until Total Warrior!

May 2019 - Mini Tennis Competition

A very busy day in Blencathra today. We were designers, makers and sketchers!

All the children worked hard to design their clothing, they thought carefully about what their clothing would look like on the front and the back, what materials they would use and how they would join the different materials. 

Once designing had finished, the making started. We have already seen lots of interesting clothing garments and can't wait to see the finished products. 

We then were joined by pet artist Julia Mitchell, who showed us some of her sketches. We were all very inspired by her work and then went on to produce some very good sketches of our pet or our favourite animal. 

Art Week - Day 2

We continued our collage work with Natalie Burns. 

We have produced some very artistic and colourful pieces of artwork. 

We were amazed to hear that there is around 8 million tonnes of plastic waste floating in the world's oceans.

We were pleased to hear that some clothing brands are beginning to use recycled plastic bottles to create their clothing. 

We worked out that if we all bought a Kanken Fjallraven backpack we would recycle 224 plastic bottles as each bag is created from 11 recycled plastic bottles. 

Before we could begin designing and making our clothing, we used the rubbish materials to explore and experiment with how we could join them together.

We practised tying, weaving, twisting, plaiting, just to name some.

We then worked with the artist Natalie Burn to look at her exhibition '100 Squares - A year in my life' at The Old Courthouse. Then we went on to work with Natalie where she showed us how to use magazines to create collages before we started creating our own collages.

May 2019 - Viking Homework Projects - Part 1

What another fantastic set of homework projects to add to our Viking Museum, Art Gallery and Library.

We have had a range of longboats, dragons of all shapes and sizes, a very detailed diary entry, stories, clothing fact sheet, a God information poster, various Viking menus and one child even recreated a 3 course meal complete with mead!!!!!!

Well done again Blencathra, we am very proud of what you have produced. We can't wait to see part two.

May 2019 - GIST - Road Safety

We were very lucky to have two of GISTs lorry drivers (Paul and Mark) to come and speak to us about how to be safe on our roads. 


"I learnt that a lorry driver can't always see you especially if you are too close to the cab." Jas.

"I now know a lorry has a bed!" Amber.

"I didn't realise a lorry weighs 44tones which is roughly the same as 76 cows!" Charley-Anne.

"A lorry can carry up to 22, 000 sandwiches!" William.

"It can take a lorry 25 meters to stop in the dry when travelling at 30mph." Macy.





May 2019 - Tag Ruby Festival

During the tag rugby festival, we played 4 games in a range of weather, we had rail, hail and sunshine! The teams we played were: Kirkby Thore, Lowther, Plumpton and Bolton. We won all 4 of our matches. Throughout all the games we showed excellent skill, sportsmanship and teamwork.


"I  absolutely loved the tag rugby and we won all of our matches!" Billy.

"We were such a good team that worked well together, I loved it!" Quinn.

April 2019 - Dodgeball Taster Session

Ben from Eden Dodgeball came in to deliver a taster session of Dodge ball. This was to help promote the new club that has started in Penrith.

We had lots of fun and soon picked up the simple skills and rules of the game.


"I really loved the dodge ball, it was so much fun. The games are very fast, you are always moving or throwing a ball, especially because you play with three balls." Macy.

"I enjoyed the dodge ball taster session so much that I am going to join the club in Penrith." Faye.

Stone Age Homework Project Information Spring Term 2019

February and March 2019 - Stone Age Homework Projects

Some of the homework projects the children created.

We had all sorts, including: top trump cards, making a Stone Age house in a forest and having a camp fire, writing stories about woolly mammoths, homes made out of cakes and biscuits, fact sheets, Stonehenge built out of stones, an animation showing how Stonehenge was built, plus lots lots more. 


"It took me and my Mum a very long time to make Stone Henge out of polystyrene but it was so much fun." Kacey.

"I made a Stone Age house, I thought carefully about all the detail." Bradley.

"I loved seeing everyone else's projects when we shared them in school." Alyssia.

"I made a Stone Age hut in Shap Wells Wood. I used materials that I found in the wood. After I had made it a group of college students used it as part of a film they were making." Faye.

"I loved making my 3D model of Stone Henge out of biscuits and icing with my Mum." Maddie. 


We are looking forward to what the Viking homework projects will bring.  

March 2019 - Key Steps Gymnastic Competition

Six fantastic gymnasts represented the school at the Eden Key Step 2 Gymnastic Competition.

They all performed really well and came 3rd overall.

Well done Gymnasts, you were superstars!

March 2019 - World Book Day

Walter the Water Droplet - Episode 2 - Written and created by Joshua and Megan

This episode catches up with our intrepid hero who finds himself in a big sod of earth.

Walter the Water Droplet - Episode 1 written and created by Ethan and Quinn

Proudly presenting 'The Amazing Adventures of Walter the Water Droplet' Episode One in which our hero, Walter meets a dinosaur. Follow Walter and his friends as they travel through space and time. We've another 10 of these epic little films... Who would ever have believed we could make a superhero out of a droplet?

March 2019 - Eden Rivers Trust - The Water Cycle

We are very lucky to be working alongside Tania from the Eden Rivers Trust to develop our understanding of the water cycle. We are then going to be working with Janine to firstly learn how to make an animation and then eventually create our own animations to tell others about the water cycle. These animations will soon follow.

February 2019 - Stone Age Poo Investigating

While we were out at lunch someone made a delivery of poo along with some instructions (Our classroom was very smelly!). 

We had to work as detectives to discover where the poo had come from. We used the magnifying glasses to look at what food items we could find within the poo and then we predicted if the poo was from people during the Stone Age or Roman period of History. 


"The Stone Age poo was a great discovery lesson to help use to find out if the poo was Roman poo or Stone Age poo." Paddy.

"Although this was gross, I loved carefully pulling the poo apart to see what I could find!" Joshua.

"This helped me to understand what people during the Stone Age era ate." Taylor.

"The best lesson!" Arthur.


Cricket Coaching with Jonathan

February 2019 - Iron Age - Sling shot making

Stone Age Day - Using natural material, natural cordage

Stone Age Day - Fire lighting and the development of fire

Stone Age Day - Axe Making

We were pleased to welcome parents and a grandparent to our class this afternoon to create our own woolly mammoths. We followed a set of instructions to make the mammoths, it is interesting that we all followed the same set of instructions but all of our mammoths look so different.

Some parents and a selection of children worked together to begin making a large woolly mammoth that two children will go inside when we perform our Stone Age dance at the U Dance at the Sands Centre. Finished photos of the completed woolly mammoth will follow along with a video of its debut at the U Dance!  

Blencathra's Curriculum Information for Parents - Autumn Term 2018

November 2018 - Frobscottle Making

We had an excellent afternoon following a recipe to make the BFG's favourite drink Frobscottle. We had to work as a team, follow the instructions, measure and prepare the ingredients and then finally taste the Frobscottle. 

It is true...Frobscottle does make you slightly windy!!!!!!

"I learned how to peel a kiwi without making a mess!" said Macy.

Rocco said "Our Frobscottle was sort of sour and nice. I liked it."

"We had to work as a team to make sure we had followed all of the steps in the recipe," Sophie explained.

Quinn excitedly said, "I enjoyed pressing the button on the liquidiser. It was very noisy and everything was whizzing around so fast inside it."

"I learned that when you put a vitamin C tablet into the liquid mixture, it all fizzes up and looks like a reaction!" explained Faye.

"I enjoyed tasting the Frobscottle, it tasted nicer than I thought." Paddy said.


October 2018 - Introducing our Times Tables Rock Stars

Rainbow Science Investigation

Blencathra's Scientific Field Trip

This term we have been studying Living Things and their Habitats. We planned a visit to the woods to identify invertebrates and conduct a habitat survey. Finally, the snow melted and we had a dry day for our trip. Although it was still rather cold for some species, a large milipede, a centipede and lots of worms and slugs were found.

Cricket Coaching 


After last week's snow, Blencathra enjoyed getting out into the Spring sunshine with Jonathon for this week's cricket coaching. We were working on our bowling skills and by the end of the session there were quite a few wickets being  hit.



Blencathra's Briliant Bowlers

We dressed up as a character from a book for World Book Day! Can you spot who we all are?

Dark Skies inflatable planetarium trip

Thanks so much to the Westmoreland Dales Hidden Landscape partnership who invited us to visit the inflatable planetarium at Mauds Meaburn Village Institute. Helvellyn and Blencathra enjoyed an amazing journey through the solar system, then lay back to learn about the constellations.

Castle Head Residential January 17th/8th

Amazing Art


Blencathra braved the torrential rain this morning to get to the Art exhibition at the Old Courthouse. We were fascinated by the amazing artworks particularly the peephole camera lenses, the art using sea glass and neon lights and huge discs of cast glass that reminded us of jelly! We also had a craft session where we began to make light sculpture lanterns, thinking about colour and shape. We will invite you into school to see our exhibition when they are finished. 

Year 4 Cycle Training July 11th 2017