A message from FoSS: 🍳🥓🍳🥓🍳🥓 Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came to support our Big Breakfast and Easter Fair. It was very well supported and we appreciate it very much. Thank you also to everyone who gave up their time to help (adults and children). We couldn't do it without volunteers and our fabulous FoSS committee. Thank you to Shap School for allowing us to host it in the school again. We must also thank Sam Wood for the donation of the eggs 🍳. Thank you to everyone who donated raffle prizes and bottles. The Easter Egg poster competition will be judged this week at school and prizes awarded. Pat Atkinson is marking the quizzes and the winner will be announced and notified asap. We raised a staggering £852.10. Our biggest total yet! THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN!!! 🍳🥓🍳🥓🍳🥓
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Sausage Making in Kidsty Pike with Dave from The Westmorland Butchers

In Kidsty Pike we made sausages today!  Dave showed us how to chop the meat up into pieces.  We put the meat into the mincer and it chopped it up into little pieces that Billy said looked like a worm!  We used our hands to mix the meat with black pepper and herbs, Kayla thought it was gooey!  We put a little bit of a skin onto the pipe of the sausage machine, Oscar said that they then put the sausage mix into the skin by winding the handle of the sausage machine forwards.  Mack said if you wound the handle fast, the meat would come out fast - but we wound it too fast, and Willow said it burst like a balloon!  Jai enjoyed wrapping the sausages in bacon to make Pigs in Blankets!  Amber liked making a HUGE long sausage like a spiral called a Cumberland Sausage!  Arthur was pleased to make a sausage that was the word 'SHAP'!


"It was the best day ever!" said Tom (aged 5) and Jan (aged 6)

"I think it was a good day" said Maddison (aged 5)

"We liked spending time with Dave, because he was a very nice man!" said Alyssia (aged 7)

"Dave was a very funny man and a very nice man!" said Sophie (aged 6)

"I liked when I spent time with Dave because he showed us how to mix the sausage, black pepper and herbs" said Julia (aged 6)