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At Shap School, we aim to offer pupils a rich and enjoyable experience in mathematics by providing the knowledge, skills, concepts and processes that are appropriate to each individual and that relate to the world around them. This provision should enable them to:

  • develop a positive and confident attitude towards mathematics and to achieve their full mathematical potential
  • develop logical thinking, enquiring minds and an ability to record in a systematic way
  • use maths to interpret, predict, explain and solve problems involving as much practical experience as possible
  • develop the correct mathematical vocabulary and other skills necessary to express their thinking and strategies in an appropriate manner
  • develop their ability to work independently and collaboratively, as appropriate
  • use technology within mathematics lessons and in the development of their mathematical concepts   
  • use and apply their mathematical knowledge by making appropriate choices in real-life situations



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Mathematics Morning

We held a Maths Morning on 30th January 2019, where we welcomed family and friends into school, to come and see us being mathematicians. Adults had a chance to watch maths activities, learn different calculation methods, speak to teachers and children about their learning, play games and even have a go at some challenges themselves! 

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  • Positive, reassuring, very helpful, thank you.
  • Love that learning is done in a playful way that the children enjoy
  • Enjoyed learning numbers with the younger ones!
  • Great morning! Lots of new games to play at home.
  • Had a lovely morning, felt the kids really enjoyed showing adults their work.
  • Fantastic range of different ways the children learn. Great to see them supporting peers and enjoying maths! 
  • Really interesting morning. Happy children who were not phased by adults.

Focus on Maths - A 5-week course for parents

Following the success of our recent Mathematics Morning in school, we offered a 5-week course for parents, carers and grandparents of children in Y1 and Y2. The adults could explore games and activities to help their children develop their maths skills, whilst having fun. They also looked at different calculation methods to build their own confidence when supporting their child with homework. The children could also attend the final part of the session each week.

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To contact Angela Idle, our Mathematics Subject Leader, please use this form.