A message from FoSS: 🍳🥓🍳🥓🍳🥓 Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who came to support our Big Breakfast and Easter Fair. It was very well supported and we appreciate it very much. Thank you also to everyone who gave up their time to help (adults and children). We couldn't do it without volunteers and our fabulous FoSS committee. Thank you to Shap School for allowing us to host it in the school again. We must also thank Sam Wood for the donation of the eggs 🍳. Thank you to everyone who donated raffle prizes and bottles. The Easter Egg poster competition will be judged this week at school and prizes awarded. Pat Atkinson is marking the quizzes and the winner will be announced and notified asap. We raised a staggering £852.10. Our biggest total yet! THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN!!! 🍳🥓🍳🥓🍳🥓
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Welcome toShap CE Primary SchoolA Safe Branch from which to Soar


Welcome to Blencathra!


This page will illustrate our exciting class news, pictures of things we've done and more.
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Blencathra'c Curriculum Information for parents Spring Term 2019

Viking Homework Project Information Summer Term 2019

February and March 2019 - Stone Age Homework Projects

Some of the homework projects the children created.

We had all sorts, including: top trump cards, making a Stone Age house in a forest and having a camp fire, writing stories about woolly mammoths, homes made out of cakes and biscuits, fact sheets, Stonehenge built out of stones, an animation showing how Stonehenge was built, plus lots lots more. 

We are looking forward to what the Viking homework projects will bring.  

Walter the Water Droplet - Episode 2 - Written and created by Joshua and Megan

This episode catches up with our intrepid hero who finds himself in a big sod of earth.

Walter the Water Droplet - Episode 1 written and created by Ethan and Quinn

Proudly presenting 'The Amazing Adventures of Walter the Water Droplet' Episode One in which our hero, Walter meets a dinosaur. Follow Walter and his friends as they travel through space and time. We've another 10 of these epic little films... Who would ever have believed we could make a superhero out of a droplet?

March 2019 - Eden Rivers Trust - The Water Cycle

We are very lucky to be working alongside Tania from the Eden Rivers Trust to develop our understanding of the water cycle. We are then going to be working with Janine to firstly learn how to make an animation and then eventually create our own animations to tell others about the water cycle. These animations will soon follow.

February 2019 - Stone Age Poo Investigating

While we were out at lunch someone made a delivery of poo along with some instructions (Our classroom was very smelly!). 

We had to work as detectives to discover where the poo had come from. We used the magnifying glasses to look at what food items we could find within the poo and then we predicted if the poo was from people during the Stone Age or Roman period of History. 

"Although this was gross, I loved carefully pulling the poo apart to see what I could find!"

"This helped me to understand what people during the Stone Age era ate."

"The best lesson ever!"


Cricket Coaching with Jonathan

February 2019 - Iron Age - Sling shot making

Stone Age Day - Using natural material, natural cordage

Stone Age Day - Fire lighting and the development of fire

Stone Age Day - Axe Making

We were pleased to welcome parents and a grandparent to our class this afternoon to create our own woolly mammoths. We followed a set of instructions to make the mammoths, it is interesting that we all followed the same set of instructions but all of our mammoths look so different.

Some parents and a selection of children worked together to begin making a large woolly mammoth that two children will go inside when we perform our Stone Age dance at the U Dance at the Sands Centre. Finished photos of the completed woolly mammoth will follow along with a video of its debut at the U Dance!  

Blencathra's Curriculum Information for Parents - Autumn Term 2018

November 2018 - Frobscottle Making

We had an excellent afternoon following a recipe to make the BFG's favourite drink Frobscottle. We had to work as a team, follow the instructions, measure and prepare the ingredients and then finally taste the Frobscottle. 

It is true...Frobscottle does make you slightly windy!!!!!!

"I learned how to peel a kiwi without making a mess!" said Macy.

Rocco said "Our Frobscottle was sort of sour and nice. I liked it."

"We had to work as a team to make sure we had followed all of the steps in the recipe," Sophie explained.

Quinn excitedly said, "I enjoyed pressing the button on the liquidiser. It was very noisy and everything was whizzing around so fast inside it."

"I learned that when you put a vitamin C tablet into the liquid mixture, it all fizzes up and looks like a reaction!" explained Faye.

"I enjoyed tasting the Frobscottle, it tasted nicer than I thought." Paddy said.


October 2018 - Introducing our Times Tables Rock Stars

Rainbow Science Investigation

Blencathra's Scientific Field Trip

This term we have been studying Living Things and their Habitats. We planned a visit to the woods to identify invertebrates and conduct a habitat survey. Finally, the snow melted and we had a dry day for our trip. Although it was still rather cold for some species, a large milipede, a centipede and lots of worms and slugs were found.

Cricket Coaching 


After last week's snow, Blencathra enjoyed getting out into the Spring sunshine with Jonathon for this week's cricket coaching. We were working on our bowling skills and by the end of the session there were quite a few wickets being  hit.



Blencathra's Briliant Bowlers

We dressed up as a character from a book for World Book Day! Can you spot who we all are?

We dressed up as a character from a book for World Book Day! Can you spot who we all are? 1

Dark Skies inflatable planetarium trip

Thanks so much to the Westmoreland Dales Hidden Landscape partnership who invited us to visit the inflatable planetarium at Mauds Meaburn Village Institute. Helvellyn and Blencathra enjoyed an amazing journey through the solar system, then lay back to learn about the constellations.

Castle Head Residential January 17th/8th

Amazing Art


Blencathra braved the torrential rain this morning to get to the Art exhibition at the Old Courthouse. We were fascinated by the amazing artworks particularly the peephole camera lenses, the art using sea glass and neon lights and huge discs of cast glass that reminded us of jelly! We also had a craft session where we began to make light sculpture lanterns, thinking about colour and shape. We will invite you into school to see our exhibition when they are finished. 

Year 4 Cycle Training July 11th 2017

Year 4 Cycle Training July 11th 2017 1
Year 4 Cycle Training July 11th 2017 2
Year 4 Cycle Training July 11th 2017 3
Year 4 Cycle Training July 11th 2017 4
Year 4 Cycle Training July 11th 2017 5
Year 4 Cycle Training July 11th 2017 6
Year 4 Cycle Training July 11th 2017 7
Year 4 Cycle Training July 11th 2017 8

July 2017 - Rocks' experiments!

July 2017 - Rocks' experiments! 1
July 2017 - Rocks' experiments! 2
July 2017 - Rocks' experiments! 3
July 2017 - Rocks' experiments! 4
July 2017 - Rocks' experiments! 5

May 2017 -Two day visit organised by Tania from the Eden Rivers Trust - including a field trip to the River Lowther

April 2017 - Cricket Coaching

April 2017 - Cricket Coaching 1
April 2017 - Cricket Coaching 2
April 2017 - Cricket Coaching 3
April 2017 - Cricket Coaching 4
April 2017 - Cricket Coaching 5
April 2017 - Cricket Coaching 6
April 2017 - Cricket Coaching 7
April 2017 - Cricket Coaching 8
April 2017 - Cricket Coaching 9
April 2017 - Cricket Coaching 10
April 2017 - Cricket Coaching 11